Name Kira Williams
Born Sep 2006
Gender Female
Diagnosis Proximal 10p: t(7;10)(p22;q11.2), der(10)t(7;10)(p22;q11.2)
Parents Yazmin Williams
City Los Angeles, CA, USA
Email coach.blissfullyyaz [at] gmail [dot] com
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Age 17 months

Age 17 months

December 24, 2006
Kira has Proximal Trisomy 10p.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was excited, it was at a McDonald's that I had to find out because I didn't wanted to risk my parents finding out since I was only 18. My boyfriend of three years was a little worried of how we were going to do it (telling my parents) but I came out with it the next day and my mom (surprisingly) took it very good. My pregnancy went smooth, no morning sickness, I didn't feel tired it was great. I had every doctor's appointment on time and I even had a chromosomal test done to see about down syndrome but it turned out to be ok. I don't know if it was the doctor's rejection to tell me that something was wrong or if the test actually showed everything was normal. The day came when I started having contractions, I didn't know if they were contractions or not but they started around 7 o'clock and ended when my water broke at about 6 o'clock. The water looked like pee at that time I didn't know if it was normal. When we got to the hospital they gave me an epidural and I knocked out, it felt like a dream before I knew it I was pushing. When my baby came out she didn't cry. The reason why my water wasn't clear it was because the baby had pooped inside me. When she did finally cry it was very weak and she had low apgar scores. They took her straight to the NICU she didn't have breathing problems. I thought everything was fine thinking that not every baby is the same when it comes for them to cry. My mom looked worried since she knew more than me. After a week she was still in the NICU and the day that they told me about her condition, I felt numb. I kept saying in my head that my daughter was not going to be like that when the doctors told me that she was going to have difficulties in school. Till this day I can't really except it but I do try to keep an open mind to possibilities. She was in the NICU for 2 1/2 months and came home with a G-tube in place and had a fundoplication done. She had severe reflux problems and has feeding difficulties. She is 3 months now and I think she is a little behind, she is starting to roll but doesn't hold her head up that good. Me and my husband are just playing the waiting game that is all we can do and pray of course. She has low-set ears and sometimes I see that her right eye is a little bit smaller than her left.

She is now going on to four months and is doing good. She pays attention and smiles a lot. She is still feeding restrictly on her G-tube. Lately she has not been gagging as much as before but she did vomit enough to make me concern and call the doctor. Next week she is having a upper G.I. to check what how the fundoplication is doing, hopefully everything is alright but I still want to know why she is vomitting so much. It hurts me to see her gag and throwing up. Yesterday me and my husband took her to get her holiday pictures done but when I placed her on the bean bag she started throwing up. I don't like people looking when she does that and I know my husband doesn't either. That was the first time she has ever done it in public. We had to reschedule, it's really hard to go out with her because she is very delicate if you move her there is a chance that she will start gagging. The doctor's said that when she will probably grow out of it but I don't think that's possible sometimes i feel that she is always going to have that and it scares me. Other than that she is doing fine although I wish she can gain more weight because she is three months and only weights 9 pounds. She is a wonderful little girl that takes my heart with her smiles.