Name Federica Vallante
Born Nov 1985
Gender Female
Diagnosis Distal 10q
Parents Bartolomeo and Rita Vallante
City Vairano Patenora Via Roma, Italy
Email fvallante[at]
May 16, 2000
We are Federica's parents and our names are Bartolomeo and Rita Vallante. Federica is 14 years old. She was born in November of 1985. We are an Italian family and we live in Vairano Patenora Via Roma 81058 (CE). Our child attends the third class of the Italian middle school followed by a remedial teacher, because she has a psychomotor problems and serious speech difficulties. Being born prematurely after two months of her birth, we have discovered by an exodactyly to her hands, that she has been affected by trisomy 10 q + due to paternal balanced translocation 10/15. Moreover she had a birth trauma caused by the prematury birth. It has been very hard getting on till now. The paediatric and physiological development is normal. On the whole left side of her body, she has a great weakness, but she is able to react very well. The greatest problem is the speech. In the incubator she was not even able to cry then we checked that she had still the epiglottis crumpled up.

At the age of 1 year she started orthoepy and logopedia treatments. Since then she has always had a strong will and we have always been the first therapists ourselves. When she was 3 years and half, she has pronounced: MUM for the first time and little by little she has been making progress. Today followed by us and teachers, she can read with some difficulties, but is able to achieve her purpose. Motivated she reacts by speaking with small expressions. She can not manage writing by herself because geneticists of the consulted hospitals ("Bambin Gesù" of Rome - "Gaslini" of Geneve - "Gemelli" of Rome) said that Federica has a malformation from the wrist to the fingers: she has never been able to bend the left index complitely. Her hands fit any natural, motivated Š movements; by keeping her hand she can write even if not in a refined way. Comprehention is perfect. She has a special sensibility and a great sweetness.

We have answered ourselves by using this web site with the same difficulties, comparing and sharing them, keeping close and so on. Thank you very much and I send you all our best regards to all of you particularly a great kiss to you child Jess.

Bartolomeo and Rita Vallante