Name Greyson Kaleb Sutton
Born Jul 2000
Date of Passing Jul 2009
Gender Male
Diagnosis der(14)+(10;14)q24;q32 de Novo
Parents Zina Sutton
City Garner, NC, USA
Email zina [at] nc [dot] rr [dot] com
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February 2004
Greyson's birth weight was 4lb, 1 oz and he spent the first 4 weeks of his life in the NICU.

He has had several surgeries that include surgery for a twisted bowel, G-tube placement, Nissen, Para esophageal hernia repair and spinal cord compression release at the level of the neck.

Greyson developed a paralyzed left diaphram (spontaneously we think) and it remains paralyzed.

Greyson no longer has a G-tube, eats stage 2 and stage 3 baby food and drinks Nutren Jr. Greyson makes noises but does not form any words. We have developed a picture/symbol communication system that he is somewhat interested in. Greyson uses a gait trainer to walk and is able to move around the house on his own. He especially loves the touch screen computer.

Greyson's current weight is 25lb and his height is 37inches. Greyson has a younger brother who for the most part is a typically developing child. Greyson is a sweet child who has touched the heart of our family and friends. His mom and dad feel very fortunate to have him in their lives!

Zina Sutton