Name Elisa Roan
Born Aug 1979
Gender Female
Diagnosis Distal 10q (Paternal 1-10 xloc)
Parents Tom and Linda Roan
City Denver, Colorada, USA
Email llroan[at]msn[dot]com
Jan 7, 2006
My name is Linda Roan and I have a daughter born on August 4, 1979 who has a Trisomy 10Q+. My husband has a balanced translocation with bands translocated from chromosome 1 to 10. I don't believe we ever had a more distinctive diagnosis than what is stated above. There was very little information when she was diagnosed and that was all that was given to us. As with many of your families, we had no to little information about Elisa for many years. We were also told she would not survive past 5 years of age and then not speak, walk, or be productive. Every year the prognosis was the same; devastating. We had difficulty obtaining Speech, physical or occupational therapy because of her poor prognosis. We insisted and were able to obtain the therapies at our own cost for 3 years before she went into school. Lisa is now 26 years of age. Her mental age is 4 - 5 but is functional and very kind and loving. She lives in a host home during the week and comes home on the weekends and is very happy. She continues to be a very special and wonderful part of our family. We are very fortunate that her symptomology is mild. Other than her mental delays, she has mild cerebral palsy. She has mild facial dysmorphia, although she did have a cleft lip at birth. She also had extra teeth and had some bone malformations in her legs and feet. She has never had heart or kidney concerns.

We have a son that is two years younger than Elisa. We live in Denver, Colorado.

Linda Roan