Name Chandler Quinn
Born Nov 1998
Gender Male
Diagnosis Distal Trisomy 10q
Parents John and Kammey Quinn
Email No current address!
June 10, 2000
Hi, we are John and Kammey Quinn and we're writing to you about our son, Chandler Quinn. He was born in November of 1998. Chandler appeared to be a happy, normal baby until he was obviously falling behind on things he should be doing at certain age points. I began to really worry when he wasn't sitting up at 6 months. I kept asking the pediatrician if there could be something wrong with Chandler. She kept telling me I was overreacting and every baby progressed at different levels. Chandler had a very difficult time with his bowel movements beginning at 4 months or so. When his pediatrician would not do anything for him or try to run any tests on him, I switched his pediatrician to one that I had heard was more aggressive in terms of caring for infants. After one visit with the new pediatrician, we had an appointment to see a GastroInterologist(sp?) and had orders for a cat scan. The GI doctor ran numerous tests all of which came back normal, as did the cat scan. He did suggest that we see a Neurologist, which we did. The Neurologist did diagnose Chandler with the distal trisomy. He said Chandler has a very small fragment on his 10q chromosome that was the cause of Chandlers development delays. Chandler is 18 months and can sit up, crawl, and is just beginning to pull himself up. He has only 3 teeth, but he has seen a dentist and he has a full set of teeth. They are just late in coming in. We hope that he will be walking soon, but he is nowhere near being able to walk right now. He can say a couple of words, but not as many as he should. However, he jabbers constantly and knows how to get what he wants. He receives physical therapy 3 times a month and speech and occupational therapy once a month each. We have been told that he will do everything that other kids do, it will just take longer for him to get there.

Anyone that knows Chandler knows that he is a very special baby. He is so much fun to be around. He is for the most part, a very happy baby. His bowel movements do seem to be getting better now that he is able to get around some. He seems to be ok mentally so far, he is just a little delayed on the physical development as well as his height and weight.

Thank you so much for putting information out there for the rest of us. We just learned of Chandlers diagnosis in Feburary of this year and it is helpfull to know that there is information out there about this chromosome rareity. I'm sure you feel as I do, that your son is just that much more special.

John and Kammey Quinn