If you have a family member with Distal Trisomy 10q,  we invite you to share in our community (there is no fee, ever).

Reasons to join are:

  • To share your child’s stories on this site for the benefit other parents.
  • Join the Google Group so that you can send and receive emails with all the other members of the Google Group.

Please send an email to us at info [at] trisomy10q [dot] org (replace the [at] with @ and the [dot] with a period) and let us know if you want to:

  • Join the Google Group  (yes or no)
  • Join the website (complete the info below)

If you would like to be in the Google Group;

  • You will be able to share emails with everyone in the group by mailing to trisomy10q@googlegroups.com
  • You will be able to log into the group (trisomy10q) at the website googlegroups.com and view all past emails, and select how you want mail to be sent to you, etc.
  • The group is private, so only members can view information on that site.

If you would like to have your child’s information and story on the Distal Trisomy 10q Families website (this site) for non-members and “pre-members” to view, please send us that information (as follows). Please note that there currently isn’t a way for you to post directly to the website. You will need to email it to us and we will format and post it.

  • Child’s name
  • Sex of child
  • Birth date of child
  • Diagnosis (i.e. what parts of 10q)
  • Parents’ names
  • City, Country (For privacy, we don’t post street addresses.)
  • E-mail address
  • Also, a few paragraphs describing your child’s condition, and anything you think would be helpful for other parents to know about your journey with your child.
  • If you want, we can attach a photo of your child, too.  If possible, please send as a .jpg file of less than 1 MB. However, we can size and format it for you if you aren’t able to.
  • You can check out various kids’ pages on the site as examples.
  • If you are willing, it would be nice to have your street address and phone number. We don’t post this information, but it is useful for contacting you, if needed.