Name Lisa Griffin
Gender Female
Diagnosis Trisomy 10p
Parents Eileen and Rene Morin
City Chicopee, MA, USA
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June 29, 2011
Lisa was my third pregnancy, and I knew things were different than the other two. She never kicked while carrying her, she only rolled. When she was born (full term) she had transparent ears, no eyebrows or eyelashes had a very weak cry. She could not suck well and had problems with the bottle, so she was given a preemie nipple. When she was 6 months old, she went for testing at Boston Children's Hospital and was diagnosed as having Trisomy 10p. She developed severe reflux and needed a nissan fundoplication and g tube at age 2. At age 2 she only weighed 10 lbs. She spent most of her first 2 yrs of her life in the hospital for dehydration. After the g tube and fundoplication..she started slowly to gain weight.

She has always been small, even now at age 27 she is only 67 lbs. She never crawled, but did stand up at age 5 and with help from Shriners Hospital and a walker she took her first steps. Never cried so hard in my life. Tears of joy. Lisa has poor vision as well as a lazy eye, she has a high arched pallate, severe curvature of the spine, moderate retardation, speech problems (does some signing), hypotonia, mild seizures and a few other small issues. She is always happy and lovable and has been her whole life.

I was always told that Lisa had a very rare condition, but have never been in contact with anyone else that has a child with this disorder. Lisa lives at home with me and her stepfather and has an older brother and sister. She loves music and baseball (Boston Red Sox).

Eileen and Rene Morin