Name Enzo Gray
Born Apr 2007
Gender Male
Diagnosis Distal 10q, Cri Du Chat
Parents Jenny and Steven Gray
Email sandj77449 [at] mac [dot] com
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Age 2 yrs

Feb 11, 2009
Enzo is our little man. He is 21 months, born 10 weeks premature in April of 2007. After a couple of days in the NICU he found his cry and it sounded like a cat. After genetic testing they found he had an unbalanced translocation between 5p and 10q. He was diagnosed with Cri Du Chat and Distal Trisomy of 10q at that time. His copy is made at the 26.11 mark and the deletion at 15.33.

He is the happiest little boy I have ever known. When he's not smiling he is just pain content. Now... he does voice his opinion at times, but we enjoy those moments too.

Developmentally he is behind but seems to just learn things at a slower pace. He is crawling like crazy, pulling to stand and walking along furniture, windows and anything that is at the right hight for him to hold onto. His speech is delayed, he only says mama, dada and other sounds... which might be specific to certain things. His OT says his body and mind are working at the same rate. He does have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that we treat with a beta blocker.

Jenny and Steven Gray