Name Thomas Dominic Gallegos
Born October 2003
Gender Male
Diagnosis Complete deletion of chomosome 10
Parents Megan Turner & Sheila Gonzales
City Golden, Coloradao, USA
Email meganturner1415 [at] gmail [dot] com
September 7, 2020
Thomas was diagnosed at a very young age around four or five. He has no physical traits, he has a low IQ, and has a hard time with school and learning. Although he has came a long way and is able to read and write and everything else. He is able to work and hold down a job. He has a speech delay but has came a long way with that also. The doctors did say if he decided to have kids there is a 50/50 chance of his child having the same thing. He is a fun teenager and loves to be active with weight training and games.
Megan Turner, Sheila Gonzales