Name Jayley Fricke
Gender Female
Diagnosis Distal Trisomy 10q(q26.3q24.33)
Parents Cassandra Nunn and Lucas Fricke
City Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Email c-nunn [at] hotmail [dot] com
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Age 4 months

Age 6 months

Age 10 months

Age 1 yr

August 22, 2014
Before our little girl Jayley was born we knew she was going to be tiny and have poly-cystic kidney disease, we had arrangements to see a kidney specialist, we were also referred to the genetics specialist. Jayley was born in April of 2013, 4lbs 15oz. Jayley had jaundice but didn't need the light therapy, she also stayed in the hospital nicu for 5 days to get most of her testing she needed done and she couldn't keep any food down. We were told that Jayley has lower set ears, a larger tongue, and a larger space in the webbing between her pointer finger and thumb , and lower muscle tone. She has been followed closely by doctors, nurses, specialists.

When Jayley was about 4 months old she got croup, it seems that every 3 months she gets sick. She has had croup twice and phenomena once. Around 6-7 months doctors noticed that her ears were blocked and weren't draining, we were sent to see a ears, nose and throat doctor and Jayley ended up having surgery to have tubes put in, the surgery went by very fast and she healed fast and we have noticed a huge increase in her talking and hearing since having that done. Jayley is seen by a physio therapist once a month to help with her motor development as she is a few months behind. She was able to hold her head up by herself around 3-4 months, sit by herself around 10 months, and started to crawl at 14-15 months,

Jayley is now 16 months and has recently started pulling herself into standing. She still has formula from a bottle, and can tolerate 3 meals a day of 6-12 month baby food. Jayley got her first teeth around her first birthday. Overall our little girl has always been a happy girl. Jayley now weighs 17lbs 8oz.